Randy HartnellPresident of Vital Choice Seafood Inc. who spent more than 20 years as an Alaskan commercial fisherman prior to founding Vital Choice and who currently lives with his family in Washington State, says: "At Vital Choice we are passionately committed to insuring that our products are as healthy, wholesome and delicious as they can possibly be. We are proud to have earned the trust of so many distinguished health and wellness experts. In addition to those listed here, there are hundreds of other physicians, naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians, trainers and others across the country recommending Vital Choice to their patients and clients. We pledge to do all we can to continue to remain worthy of their support - and yours too."

Why do so many foremost health experts recommend Vital Choice?

"We don't mean to boast, but realize that in an age of rampant marketing spin, hard-sell hype and false promises, sorting out your best product and purveyor alternatives is a challenge. To put you at ease, we'd like to share with you what several of America's most highly esteemed health and wellness professionals have to say about Vital Choice. No spin, no hype. --As Walter Brennan's venerable 60's TV character used to say "No brag. Just fact." At Vital Choice we want to be your life-long link to the planet's healthiest foods. If our 100% satisfaction guarantee doesn't convince you that we're worth a try, we hope that the following endorsements will. Thank you for reading"  

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The Choice Of Discerning Professionals
  1. From Dr. Joseph Mercola.
  2. From Dr. Christine Northrup.
  3. From Dr. Nicholas Perricone.
  4. From Dr. Andrew Weil.
  5. From Dr. Stephen Sinatra.
  6. From Dr. William Sears.
  7. From Dr. Steven Pratt.
  8. From Dr. Barry Sears  
From Dr. Joseph Mercola

"I have finally found a safe and delicious source for one of the most nutritious foods on earth - wild red salmon! Anyone who has read my health newsletter knows I have vigilantly warned against eating any type of fish from any water source, as virtually all fish these days contain dangerously high levels of mercury and other toxins. I am not alone, as many expert physicians, health organizations and even government agencies have posted similar warnings. But meanwhile, I have just as vigilantly been searching for a truly clean source of fish. Without the major health risks posed by their toxicity, fish would be among my absolute most recommended foods for their outstanding nutritional benefits, including very high levels of omega-3 with DHA and EPA, which most people are desperately lacking in their diets...So the good news is worth repeating: after research that included my testing the salmon through an independent lab, and of course tasting the salmon in a variety of recipes, I can now confidently and enthusiastically recommend the Vital Choice brand of wild red salmon to you!"

Dr. Joseph Mercola




Dr. Mercola oversees the #1 rated on-line health and wellness website, and is the author of:

The No Grain Diet


The Total Health Cookbook and Program  

From Dr. Christine Northrup


"I've been recommending Vital Choice Seafood for many years now. I have never doubted the integrity of the people running the company because I know them. And they know all of their suppliers personally. Plus, their salmon is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, which is an independent organization that sets very high standards. Vital Choice's Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil was the first fish oil supplement to earn this certification. Its purity was also verified last year by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), another organization with stringent requirements. If you've enjoyed Vital Choice's products in the past, continue to enjoy them while being assured of their quality. And if you're looking for an excellent source of fish and wild berries, I highly recommend Vital Choice."

Dr. Christine Northrup




Dr. Northrup is the author of:

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

The Wisdom of Menopause
Mother-Daughter Wisdom

From Dr. Nicholas Perricone

"Wild Alaskan Salmon is the king of the superfoods...As my readers know I've long urged people to eat wild salmon as frequently as possible for many reasons. Salmon is the healthiest high protein food of all, powerfully anti-inflammatory, a uniquely powerful antioxidant, and a rare dietary source of DMAE...I always recommend wild-harvested Alaskan salmon, because it offers a far healthier fat profile than farmed salmon...Vitalchoice.com is my favorite source for wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, and other fish rich in omega-3s."

Nicholas Perricone MD




Dr. Perricone is the author of:
The Wrinkle Cure
The Perricone Prescription
The Acne Prescription

The Perricone Promise 
The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet   

From Dr. Andrew Weil

The following is an exerpt from a letter Vital Choice in USA received from Dr. Weil after spending time with him touring SE Alaska:

"...One never knows whether a business is doing right to serve a market, or out of conviction. After spending time together in close quarters, talking, fishing, sharing meals, and getting to know one another, I was pleased to see that the integrity of your business is a reflection of your own personal commitment to "right livelihood" and your concern for the precious and pristine nature of the region. It is now even clearer to me that you take great care in selecting your products and partners, to ensure the highest standards of culinary quality, nutrional value, and environmental sustainability."

Best regards,

Andrew Weil, MD




Dr. Weil is the author of many books, including:
The Healthy Kitchen

8 Weeks to Optimum Health 
Spontaneous Healing

Women's Health 
Natural Remedies

Healthy Aging  

From Dr. Stephen Sinatra 

"Vital Choice  Tuna and Salmon are tested for mercury, heavy metals and other toxins and the results are very impressive. An you'll see how different it is from other fish as soon as you open the can. The salmon is packed in its own deep red oil - an unmistakable sign that it's natural, fresh, real wild sockeye salmon.

The tuna is just as mouth-watering. In addition to its natural healthy juices, Vital Choice  packs the youngest, purest sashimi grade albacore tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil (also rich in omega-3s) with a pinch of natural sea salt. Both the tuna and the salmon are unlike anything you've see from the grocery store - they don't look dry, chopped up and over-processed, what you see is more like an actual fillet.

I recommend Vital Choice - my personal favorite for delicious, fresh, healthy, and completely safe canned tuna and salmon."

Dr. Stephen Sinatra




Dr. Sinatra is the author of the following books:
The Sinatra Solution
Heart Sense for Women

Heart Break and Heart Disease
A Cardiologist's Prescription for Optimum Health

From Dr. William Sears

"The seafood and salmon oil capsules that Vital Choice carries are extremely healthy and tasty. Because I am very picky about what I feed my family, I was pleased to learn that the seafood products from Vital Choice had been tested and certified to be free of hazardous levels of pesticieds and mercury. And it was so easy to get. I simply went online, placed my order and in two days a box of fully frozen seafood and wild blueberries arrived at our door. Over the past year many patients in our pediatric practice have happily ordered seafood and other products from Vitalchoice.com and they have been very pleased."

Best personal regards,

Bill Sears




Dr. Sears is the author of more than 30 books, including:
The Baby Book
The Natural Baby

The Discipline Book
The Pregnancy Solution

From Dr. Steven Pratt

"Vitalchoice.com is an excellent source of seafood by mail"

 Dr Steven Pratt

Dr. Pratt is the author of:

Superfoods - Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life

From Dr. Barry Sears

"Dear Dave and Randy: It was a distinct pleasure meeting you in New York. More importantly, it is rare to find individuals truly committed to excellence..."


Dr. Barry Sears




Dr. Sears is the author of many books, including:
The Zone Diet 
The Omega Rx Zone

The Top 100 Zone Foods
The Anti-Inflammation Zone

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