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Welcome to Vital Choice Free Range Fish, the Antipodean home of Vital Choice Seafood, the most widely recommended on-line source for Premium Pure & Wild Alaskan Salmon and other fish rich in Omega-3s. We invite you to come and enjoy discovering the benefits of your Vital Choice to eat naturally healthier, safer seafood. Try the taste test and experience for yourselves why so many Vital Choice customers keep coming back for more. Sample our friendly service that delivers this deliciously delectable dish directly to your door. Vital Choice canned seafood is a tasty treat of gourmet c onvenience brought cheerfully from nature's table to yours.

Few gifts are more appreciated than our premium wild Alaskan seafood. Not only is it delicious, it also happens to be the healthiest, most environmentally friendly protein on the planet. Study after study touts the amazing, life enhancing benefits of antioxidants and long chain omega-3s. We encourage you to treat your families and friends to a practical present that will not sit for long on the shelf to gather dust. In fact it may go so fast they will be looking forward to the next special occasion. This makes your gift giving so easy for you know that it will always be welcomed and enjoyed. Give them a gift that they'll Really appreciate: Vital Choice premium Wild Red Alaskan Salmon!

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News to Note:  NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON! We are currently out of stock while we await completion of our new website though feel free to email us with your interest in making an order and we will let you know when the website is published. Please note that we will only be stocking the Wild Sockeye Salmon and not the Wild Sardines.

HOLIDAY ADVICE - We will be away from our office from May 24th until June 17th but feel free to continue to email us with your requests and we will attend to them when we return. Blessings of Light and Life to all!


Premium Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

PremiumWildSockeyeSalmonOurGuaranteeHere at Vital Choice Free Range Fish, we are passionately committ ed to your complete satisfaction. All orders are 100% guaranteed!.


"If you want wild salmon...I found that Vital Choice canned salmon...tastes much better than any canned salmon Iíve tried...It is clear to me that they take great care in selecting their products and partners, to ensure the highest standards of culinary quality, nutritional value, and environmental sustainability." 
Dr. Andrew Weil 

In the words of  the founder of Vital Choice Randy Hartnell: "We hope you will view Vital Choice as your reliable connection to some of the healthiest, naturally organic foods remaining on earth. When you choose our products you are choosing much more than a fine meal. You are promoting your health, the health of coastal fishing communities, the environment and the precious salmon it sustains. In short, you really are making a Vital Choice."

To read a letter by Randy to see how this wonderful healthy seafood has made its way from the pristine wilderness of Alaska to your plate and palate click Here!

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  What Are The Vital Choice Advantages?


  • Unsurpassed purity of Wild 100% natural seafood not bred on man-made farms but growing as nature intended, free of added antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic colouring agents and growth hormones.
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon is high in antioxidant astaxanthin imparting a natural rich red colour to the oil and flesh acquired from its natural diet of krill and plankton and which is up to 100 times more potent than Vitamin E. 
  • Vital Choice Seafood is regularly and independently lab tested to be free of harmful levels of mercury and other toxins.
  • Premium Kosher Sockeye Salmon certified by the well respected and recognised Orthodox Union.
  • Endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council as originating from 100% sustainably harvested fish so it is not only good for you but also for the wild salmon resource too which makes Vital Choice an ethical choice for the environment.
  • Superior nutritional profile especially in regard to higher healthy omega-3 fats and less overall fat, therefore less toxins which accumulate in the fattier farmed fish who are fed a contaminated artificial diet.
  • Vital Choice Seafood is packed fresh not frozen so the fats do not congeal giving it supreme quality, superlative texture and succulent flavour.
  • Preferred and recommended by many distinguished and highly esteemed health professionals including: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Chrisitne Northrup, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. William Sears, and  Dr. Steven Pratt among others who advocate the superior nutritional benefits and purity of Vital Choice Seafood.
  • Founding management of Vital Choice is not only guided by integrity and high moral principles but also has over 50 years experience harvesting Alaskan salmon and less than 1% of all wild salmon produced meets their high quality standard so you can be sure you are wisely choosing the pinnacle of purveyors and products. Vital Choice Free Range Fish aspires to be your link to partake of this much sought after seafood of excellence.
  • Convenient private home delivery to Australia and New Zealand. Simply purchase on-line through our secure website using Mastercard or Visa. Maximum delivery of 72 Cans (3x24) for any one order.
  • Our aspiration is to ensure that everything we sell meets or exceeds the highest standards for quality, purity, and ecological sustainability echoing the positive principles of our namesake and source of our special seafood par excellence Vital Choice Seafood in the U.S.A.

To read why Vital Choice is your best choice when compared to other canned seafood see our FAQ & Answers  page and the rest of this website. You may find your mind and your taste buds tingling to try some of this highly favored and flavoured "Free Range Fish

Thought to Ponder: "Tis not knowing much, but what is useful, that makes a wise man" Thomas Fuller
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